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  • Fadel overcomes international and territorial barriers and arrives in South Africa


    Fadel expanded its operations and reached another continent! After a long journey, which led us to reach dozens of cities in Brazil and Paraguay, Fadel crossed the Atlantic and, since 2021, has been operating on the African continent!

    Initially, there were more than 100 new direct jobs with a high-tech fleet managed with all of Fadel's expertise!

    Region of Pretoria

    We currently have a unit located in the Rosslyn region, which serves the entire surrounding region, including Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa and capital of the province of Gauteng.

    Preparing to work in a new culture

    To start our operation in South Africa, the entire team underwent prior preparation, with the aim of understanding the political and cultural aspects of the country, ensuring that administrative processes were carried out in the best and most respectful way possible.

    All the details were important to guarantee an excellent incorporation.

    Fadel quality standard

    We started our operation in South Africa with a structured team, we took our culture of values ​​to new employees. We have shown that People Management is one of the main pillars for ensuring excellence in results with a focus on safety, meeting our client's expectations.

    We reinforce that one of our main values ​​is safety in all work relations, we apply various training courses, focused on defensive driving, use of PPE, in addition to taking technologies that help in the control of accidents.

    In order to maintain the perpetuity of results, we carry operational processes, embedded technologies and people management in our baggage. This set of actions ensured an excellent organizational climate and ensured that we maintained our high level of service quality.

    The expectations for this new cycle are excellent. It is in this spirit that another chapter is beginning. One of many to come!

    Meet Fadel

    With a modern and safe fleet, Fadel Transportes is always prepared to offer ideal logistics solutions for each client.

    Fadel Transportes operates in several activities in the logistics chain, such as:

    • Transfer of products between factories and distribution centers;
    • Matched operations that involve more than one customer in the transfer of their products;
    • Internal movement of goods that involve loading and unloading trucks;
    • Assembly of loads;
    • Urban distribution.

    Fadel Transportes is the best choice to carry out road transport for your company.

    Contact Us and know all the conditions and benefits.