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  • Benefits of 5G technology for logistics


    Logistics is one of the areas that will be most positively impacted by 5G. Check out in today's text all the benefits of 5G for the sector.

    Features of 5G technology

    5G is the new generation of mobile connection technology. It is an evolution of previous standards, 3G and 4G.

    It emerged with the promise of supporting a larger set of simultaneous devices.

    In technical terms, the advantages of 5G are impressive. The previous standard works at frequencies up to 2.5 GHz, while the new standard reaches up to 95 GHz. In addition, there is more information per second in transfers and higher connection speed: in 5G the speed is up to 20 times greater than that of 4G.

    The new technology brought greater consistency and stability to the connection. And the response time between one device to another in a networked communication is considerably smaller – about ten times smaller – which revolutionizes the interaction in real time.

    Benefits for logistics

    Communication in the logistics chain was enhanced with 5G technology, with gains in speed and performance, which guarantees greater security and efficiency in operations.

    Greater simultaneous connection capacity

    In urban centers, a lot of interference can occur when a large number of devices connect to a network in the same location. A 5G infrastructure allows more devices to connect simultaneously without electromagnetic interference.

    With 5G, it is possible that, in the same location, several autonomous cars (controlled by an artificial intelligence) or intelligent vehicles (which communicate with other devices) are connected with a stable signal.

    higher speed

    Increased connection speed is one of the main benefits of 5G, which can complement technologies such as Blockchain and Big Data, as these trends demand an exceptionally fast connection.

    Greater stability

    Although it is already possible to track vehicles and orders in real time with a specialized management system, 5G minimizes latency in the exchange of information between systems, making data more reliable, faster and more accurate.

    better connectivity

    More equipment, vehicles and devices will be part of the same network. This means that more activities can be automated or remotely controlled by a management system, in addition to improving visibility over processes.

    In summary, with 5G technology, it will be possible to:

    • greater warehouse and stock control;
    • monitoring of all vehicles;
    • identification of mechanical failures more quickly;
    • reduction in the need to connect equipment with wires and cables, due to the increase in wireless connectivity.

    Get to know Fadel Transportes

    Fadel Transportes has several solutions with technology implementation to improve service, such as:

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    • Autonomous Cargo Transport (TAC), which guarantees training based on the management of autonomous transporters;
    • Control Tower, which provides a fleet monitoring and tracking service to enhance security and improve logistical planning.

    With a modern and safe fleet, Fadel is always prepared to transport products and supplies on a large scale, meeting the specific needs of each customer. We are committed to delivering high productivity in the supply chain, always aiming for responsibility and safety.

    Our fleet of road transport vehicles undergoes regular inspections and our teams are monitored through on-board journey and fatigue control technology.

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