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  • Electric trucks: Fadel incorporates them into its fleet in Paraguay


    The impact of the transport sector on sustainability and the emission of pollutants are growing concerns in all areas of activity. Fadel and Brewpar, aware of their responsibility, innovate by incorporating electric trucks into the fleet in Paraguay.

    What is an electric truck?

    The electric truck has an electric motor instead of the combustion engine we are used to.

    Engine power is generated by batteries. This truck reduces operating costs (no need to fill up) and, as there is no fuel burning, it avoids the emission of pollutants.

    Lower environmental impact

    The first electric truck manufactured in Brazil was launched in 2021 by Volkswagen. During the testing phase, the factory estimated that more than 34 tons of CO2 were no longer emitted in more than 45 kilometers driven. In addition, more than 10 liters of diesel were not used in this marathon.

    The incorporation of 100% electric trucks for the distribution of products makes it possible to reduce the environmental impact, with a reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels and consequent emission of polluting gases.

    Less noise

    Another great advantage of electric trucks is that they can supply stores 24 hours a day, which is a great advantage in metropolitan areas.

    The electric truck can travel normally in more residential neighborhoods without disturbing residents because the engine is much less noisy than the diesel model.

    If Brazilian cities adopt measures to restrict the circulation of vehicles in urban centers, as is already the case in European countries, trams will be the only ones able to run in areas with the highest concentration of people.

    Fadel in Paraguay

    Our client, the company Cervepar, based in Asunción, opted for 100% electric vehicles for the distribution of its products.

    Tiago Araujo, Logistics Director at Cervepar, highlighted that the acquisition of the trucks was part of the company's logistics transformation plan that incorporated technology as a way to achieve greater efficiency, lower environmental impact and greater safety.

    “An electric truck allowed us to save 1,1 tons of CO2 emissions in 2022 alone. They are very efficient vehicles and their energy consumption is up to 15 times less than a diesel. These vehicles also present greater efficiency in maintenance costs, as they can have a cost reduction of up to 20% compared to a standard vehicle”, highlighted Araújo.

    “We firmly believe that, as society adheres to this gradual shift towards electric mobility, promoted by companies in the sector, service stations and the state, we will soon see a potential growth in charging stations for these vehicles”. he added.

    In June 2022, the first electric truck was added to the fleet of our client Cervepar, in Paraguay. And, in October, we were at the inauguration event of the second electric vehicle, whose project we were privileged to be part of, represented by the regional operations manager Arles Petersen.

    This is the first electric truck developed in Latin America.

    We are happy to be part of this step towards a sustainable logistics process.

    Meet Fadel

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