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  • Logistics monitoring center in real time: what is it and why to have it?


    Vehicles, drivers and fleets are constantly threatened by the lack of security and infrastructure on the roads.

    With this, a solution proves to be interesting: real-time logistical monitoring. Have you heard about this innovation?

    Continue reading and see how this type of plant works and what are its main benefits. Follow us!

    What is a logistical monitoring center?

    A real-time logistical monitoring center is the link that unites the drivers and controllers of the carriers.

    While the driver is directing the vehicle and cargo to the destination, the controllers check that everything is working well.

    This is all done through technology, which allows vehicles in the fleet to be equipped with equipment such as GPS, for example.

    Main functions of this type of plant

    The main function of logistic monitoring centers is to assist the driver. This help happens in real time.

    This allows drivers to receive alerts and be aware of any unforeseen events that may occur.

    In addition, the exchanges help to measure the time that each transport activity will take, thus being able to inform customers more quickly.

    This aspect also facilitates planning and allows the driver, cargo and vehicle to be much safer.

    Another important point is that, with the central, the carrier can check the time that the vehicle is stopped, the transit time, among others.

    Finally, it is interesting to mention that one of the functions of monitoring centers is to help control sensitive loads.

    Some types of products need to be in specific conditions to be able to circulate.

    Through the central, it is even possible to know the temperature inside the storage chests.

    Greater benefits of monitoring loads in real time

    As stated in the previous topic, there are many functions in a load monitoring center.

    Do you know what benefits the activities of this center bring to the customers of a carrier? Follow below.

    Reduced costs

    The amounts invested by customers to carry out the transport are very low when the carrier offers this type of monitoring.

    This happens once unforeseen circumstances are minimized, so that drivers know in advance if there is traffic, accidents, among others.


    Security is also increased with real-time monitoring. Cargo theft is minimized because the plant is aware of the entire route.


    Finally, one of the biggest benefits of this central type is that it can plan routes in real time, making them faster.

    The importance of having a specialized carrier

    It is very important to have a carrier specialized in urban distribution and that delivers in several fields of the logistics chain.

    In addition, it is essential, for all logistical aspects, that the company has a carrier that monitors it in real time.

    This is the case of Fadel Transportes e Logística. Learn more about the company in the next topic.

    The activities of Fadel Transportes e Logística

    Fadel Transportes e Logística acts as a complete carrier in all stages of cargo transportation logistics.

    The company offers very interesting differentials, such as the logistical monitoring, its 20-year experience and the qualification of its professionals.

    Contact Us to learn more about all the services offered by Fadel Transportes e Logística.

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