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  • How to choose the best transport company for your business?


    When you hire a company, you want your product or merchandise to arrive at its destination in perfect condition, for the quality and operational efficiency to be impeccable, and for you not to have to worry about the quality of the service contracted.

    One of the most important criteria to be analyzed is the contracted company's experience and performance in the goods transport process.

    The appropriate choice guarantees your customer satisfaction and contributes to the success of your business! Find out how to choose the right carrier for your business in this post!

    The importance of choosing the best carrier

    With organized and structured cargo transport, it is possible to guarantee on-time delivery of goods and customer satisfaction.

    With an excellent carrier, you reduce the chances of logistics incidents and increase the safety of deliveries and drivers.

    Taking some care reduces the chances of damage, returns and claims, factors that directly affect the cost of shipping.

    What should be considered when hiring a transport company?

    To decide which is the best transport company for your business, you need to analyze the following factors:


    Shipping is calculated according to each carrier, so you need to check the model and form of this service.

    There are different types of freight: Fist Mile (first section), Middle Mile (transshipment) and Last Mile (Distribution) and can also be contracted, split or dedicated and the company can calculate the value based on different variables.

    Freight charges can be negotiated in various formats, the most common of which are: the weight freight table which also presents the minimum freight, capacity freight or dedicated car, table by weight and mileage.

    Some fees need to be considered in the cost of shipping, the most common are: ad valorem, Gris, TDE, TRT and toll. The charge for these fees is included and described in the contract or freight table agreement and depends on the type of business of the contractor and his client.

    We must not forget that ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Provision of Interstate and Intermunicipal Transport Services) still applies to transport negotiations.

    service location

    Each transport company covers specific service areas. Therefore, you need to check whether the carrier delivers to the region where you need to deliver.


    Some companies have restrictions on goods based on their size, weight or level of fragility for transportation.

    Some also have a minimum monthly volume. Check all this out before making your decision.

    load specificity

    There are some products that, in order to be transported, transport companies need to have special licenses for movement, such as chemical products, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and flammable liquids, as well as live cargo.

    Some products to be transported require controlled refrigeration, a specific type of body or even the assistance of an armed escort.

    9 tips for choosing the best carrier for your business

    To choose the best carrier for your business, in addition to technical issues, you need to analyze other points:

    • References and reviews from other customers;
    • Communication: service must be fast and efficient;
    • Innovation and technology: innovations in logistics solutions can reduce costs and improve the quality of service and delivery;
    • Certification or Licenses: guarantee that the carrier is following quality standards to become more efficient and that they have authorization from specific bodies to transport your goods;
    • Good reputation in the transport market;
    • Cargo insurance and fleet monitoring;
    • Variety of fleet to meet diversified needs;
    • Cars preserved and well maintained, ensuring that there are no delivery delays.
    • Team trained in good practices for moving goods, reducing the risk of damage and returns.

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