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  • How to know if the carrier will be a good partner?


    Partnerships are important to stand out in the midst of high competition. A partnership with a company that provides an excellent logistics service can become a differential capable of attracting the customer's attention and building their loyalty, which will certainly boost your sales!

    Partnerships are usually signed between companies from different markets, but complementary to each other, as is the case of businesses of different natures entering into a partnership with a transport and logistics company.

    Keep reading and learn what determines a good partnership, which can help you leverage your sales and help your business grow.

    Lower cost or higher benefit?

    In the case of a logistics partner, do not choose based on just one criterion. Many companies look for the lowest cost and end up suffering losses due to loss of goods or headaches with numerous customer complaints.

    To establish a good partnership in logistics, you must evaluate other criteria such as history, customer service, scalability, security, use of technology, ethical values ​​and choose the lowest cost benefit, that is, the highest gain/efficiency for the lowest value. possible.

    How to know if the carrier will be a good partner?

    Review the company's history. Conduct a survey on service, meeting deadlines, level of customer satisfaction. Research which customers have already been served by that company.

    This way you can know, in advance, how efficient the service offered is and you can choose the company that best fulfills the objective of the partnership: to improve the logistical processes of your business.

    Focus on companies with the same culture as yours

    Your partner's values ​​and work philosophy should align with those of your organization. This is very important for strengthening your brand.

    Imagine that you have developed your positioning around transparent and affectionate communication. Now imagine that you hire a company that does not have communication as a priority. If your customer needs to get in direct contact with their partner, this can have negative consequences.

    To ensure customer loyalty and prospect new customers, ensuring the growth of your business, look for partners who share the same values ​​as your company.

    What else should a good logistics partner have?

    Insertion of new technologies

    The supply chain is increasingly digital, interdependent and complex, so it is necessary to introduce new technologies.

    When choosing your partner, choose a transport company that has fleet monitoring and tracking.


    Global is the new local. Choose a logistics partner that serves the largest possible area, that delivers your products on time, in good condition.

    Consider whether your partner will be able to support your business growth, whether they can manage sudden market-driven demand (such as at the end of the year), or whether they have a reliable partner network to provide the support you need.

    Customer service

    This is another factor that must be evaluated to ensure the success of your partnership. Can your future partner's customer service team anticipate problems and work to find the best solutions for your business? Are they focused on understanding the pains and needs of customers and “customers of customers”?

    All this will be decisive for the success of your partnership.

    How can a good partnership leverage your sales?

    By partnering with a logistics company, you can improve the quality of services by combining skills, experiences and individual strategies of each company.

    In addition, the partnership can also increase loyalty and reduce cancellations with the improvements in deliveries and deadlines made possible by the partnership between companies.

    Do you want to know the best logistics partner for your company? Meet the Fadel!

    Why does Fadel Transportes stand out in this market?

    Fadel Transportes has fleets with a specific and personalized profile for each service area according to each client.

    Its fleet has monitoring and tracking to ensure the safety of drivers and goods 24 hours a day. From this monitoring and tracking, it is possible to obtain more information about routes, reducing costs and delivery time.

    With this, it is possible to increase productivity and provide consumers with more confidence in the work performed.

    Get to know Fadel Transportes

    Fadel Transportes has several solutions with technology implementation to improve service, such as:

    • Internal logistics and shipping, with integrated processes and quality equipment with a specialized service in cross docking e picking;
    • Self-employed management (freighters);
    • Control Tower, which provides a fleet monitoring and tracking service to enhance security and improve logistical planning.

    With a modern and safe fleet, Fadel is always prepared to transport products and supplies on a large scale, meeting the specific needs of each customer. We are committed to delivering high productivity in the supply chain, always aiming for responsibility and safety.

    Our fleet of road transport vehicles undergoes regular inspections and our teams are monitored through on-board journey and fatigue control technology.

    To learn more about our solutions, browse our website ou contact us!