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    With a decision-making and strategic planning structure aligned with best market practices, FADEL considers corporate governance as a means of complying with applicable legislation and its values, seeking transparency and integrity in its business.


    FADEL is a company that belongs to the JSL Group and was acquired in 2020.


    The JSL Group has an area specialized in Internal Controls, Risks and Compliance (CRC). This area reports its results to the JSL Audit Committee (Statutory), in addition to maintaining advisory support from the Ethics and Compliance Committee.


    FADEL's Compliance Program is in line with the requirements of Decree 11.129/2022 and with best market practices, and aims to guarantee mechanisms and procedures appropriate to the Company's structure.


    The Program applies to all of the parent company's companies and aims to prevent, detect and remedy the occurrence of deviations, fraud, irregularities and illicit acts, mainly in the public environment, as well as strengthening ethical principles and transparency standards.


    Fadel Compliance


    Discover some pillars of the CRC Area and the Compliance Program in the tabs below, and even have access to our communication channels available to internal and external audiences.

    Our Code of Conduct

    FADEL's Code of Conduct applies to everyone who maintains any link or relationship with the company. It consists of a set of guidelines that portray our values ​​and that should guide the actions of those involved. Topics covered include, among others: (i) compliance with laws and regulations; (ii) human rights; (iii) labor relations; (iv) employee conduct; (v) combating corruption; (vi) conflict of interests; (vii) donations and sponsorships; (viii) gifts, giveaways, entertainment and hospitality; (ix) relations with the external environment; (x) non-compliance and disciplinary measures; and (xi) communication channels.

    Upon receiving the code, at the time of hiring, the employee formally commits to the expected obligations, signing the Commitment and Responsibility Term. Also at the end of the Code, it is possible to find the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire, which must be updated by the employee whenever necessary.


    Update the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire


    Term of Commitment and Responsibility


    Important: After signing the documents mentioned above, remember to email them to the compliance department at conformidade@fadeltransportes.com.br. We thank you for your collaboration.

    Although all guidelines are important to FADEL, some are “Non-Negotiable”. Learn More

    For compliance efforts to be achieved effectively and genuinely, the Company requires that Third Parties (suppliers, service providers, consultants, partners) share the same principles that guide their business.

    Here, at FADEL, we have established a commitment to ethical, transparent, honest behavior that respects legislation. This is a document for you, who is our third party. In it you will find:

    1. A set of rules of conduct, principles and values ​​that we share here;
    2. Guidelines for establishing a healthy, transparent and sustainable relationship between us;
    3. The appropriate channels so you can get in touch with us.

    Third Party Code of Conduct


    Statement of responsibility


    You third party must disclose the rules of this Code to your employees, administrators and any subcontractors, and to your own supply chain, ensuring its dissemination and full compliance.

    Important: after signing the “Disclaimer” mentioned above, remember to send it by email to the compliance department at conformidade@fadeltransportes.com.br. We thank you for your collaboration.

    Reporting Channel

    The Whistleblower Channel operates 24 (twenty-four) hours a day and 7 (seven) days a week, and the whistleblower is given the possibility to formalize his complaint through the following communication channels: telephone and website, all managed exclusively by an outsourced company. Anonymity is guaranteed to the whistleblower in good faith, as well as the possibility of monitoring the handling of the whistleblower, independently, by means of a protocol number.

    0800 726 7111


    transparent line

    It is a free channel designed to resolve doubts and seek guidance on topics related to the Compliance Program, Code of Conduct, Anti-Corruption Policies and other internal rules of FADEL. It is accessible to the internal and external public, from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 17 pm.

    0800 726 7250


    The Compliance Program has policies that define guidelines appropriate to the mapped risks:

    1. FADEL's Anti-Corruption Policy covers a set of Policies that we understand as essential for the effective fight against corruption, they are:
      1. Interaction with Public Authorities
      2. Participation in the Public Bidding Process
      3. Donations and Sponsorships
      4. Toast, Gift, Entertainment and Hospitality
    2. Disciplinary Measure Application Policy
    3. Conflict of interests

    If you want to know more about our practices, send an email to: 


    The JSL Group, which controls FADEL, manages its risks in a manner appropriate to its business, observing the criteria defined by a specific Policy, validated by the Board of Directors of the Group's holding company. The Risk Management Policy describes the stages of the management process for (i) identification of risk events, (ii) instruments used for risk management, (iii) organizational structure for risk management and (iv) the responsibilities of each of those involved, establishing limits for responsibilities according to the identified risk levels.

    Following the risk identification methodology, the internal control process is developed to support decisions with a higher level of security, reliability, efficiency and effectiveness, based on the objectives defined by the Company, as well as its risk appetite. They are operationalized through a set of interconnected activities, plans, routines, methods and procedures.


    Read the Risk Management Policy here

    In respect of your privacy and the security of your information, we have updated our Privacy Policy, in order to provide even more clarity and transparency on how FADEL handles personal data.

    This Privacy Policy meets the requirements set out in the General Data Protection Law - LGPD and reflects FADEL's position to be in compliance.

    To make requests to exercise rights or resolve any doubts, feel free to contact our Personal Data Processing Officer directly. by clicking here.

    Read the full Privacy Policy here

    FADEL operates with ethics, integrity and transparency, following its values. Follow some information and publications from the Company:

    1. Our Jeitão Manual;
    2. JSL Integrated Report;
    3. JSL Reference Form;
    4. Meet our Governance structure and who are the members of the JSL Board of Directors and JSL Audit Committee
    Commitments Made

    The Clean Company Seal aims to promote integrity and work against corruption together with companies in order to promote a more honest and ethical market.

    At the center of this initiative is the Business Pact for Integrity and against Corruption, which presents a set of guidelines and commitments to be adopted by signatory companies and entities. Being widely publicized, this record is proposed as a reference for an ethical stance in the market.

    The principles of the Pact are based on the Charter of Principles of Social Responsibility, the UN Convention against Corruption, the 10th principle of the Global Compact and the OECD guidelines.

    Ref. http://www.empresalimpa.org.br/index.php/empresa-limpa/oprojeto

    Signatory of the UN Global Compact

    Launched in 2000 by the then Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, the Global Compact is a call for companies to align their strategies and operations with Ten Universal Principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption, developing actions that contribute to face society's challenges. It is today the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world, with more than 21 thousand members in more than 70 local networks, covering 162 countries. Ref. https://www.pactoglobal.org.br/sobre-nos/

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