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    Control Tower

    Control Tower

    We have a tailor-made solution for each client

    We improve fleet management through our specialized tracking and monitoring service, focused on safety and operational efficiency. Using an advanced integration system, we adapt each client's Risk Management Program (PGR) to the specific needs of their operation.

    Our platform allows the tracking of key performance indicators (KPI) through intuitive panels and visual indicators, accessible through Microsoft Power BI. In this way, we offer a comprehensive and personalized solution to optimize fleet management, guaranteeing greater security and productivity in all stages of the process.

    Modern and safe fleet
    Tracking and Telemetry

    Get total visibility of operations, optimize routes, monitor in real time and guarantee the safety of your drivers. Increase the efficiency and productivity of your fleet with our integrated solution. Pruébelo now sees positive results in his company.

    Personalized service
    Risk management

    With Fadel's risk management you can prevent losses and losses, guaranteeing the security and integrity of your operations. Reduce risks and protect your assets with an efficient and reliable solution. Contact us and find out how we can help you protect your business.

    High productivity in the supply chain
    The driver's trip

    We offer a product that provides real-time alerts, control of stopping, resting and waiting times, guaranteeing safety and compliance with traffic regulations. With this solution, drivers can efficiently manage their journey, avoiding fatigue and guaranteeing safe performance on the roads.

    Responsibility and security
    Own base

    On our own basis, we offer a risk management service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of cargo transport operations. Furthermore, we highlight integrated solutions for BI creation, which allow for more accurate and strategic data analysis.

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    Innovation and technology in transport and logistics
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    Innovation and technology
    in transport and logistics

    50 branches in Brazil

    50 branches in Brazil

    5 units in Paraguay

    5 units in Paraguay

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    9 Units in South Africa

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