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  • Logistics Strategies for Year-End Sales


    The month of November has Black Friday, shortly after that the early Christmas promotions begin. For those who work with retail, it's time to plan the logistics for the end of the year.

    Companies that anticipate are more likely to avoid unforeseen events due to the large volume of sales, in addition to having more advantages when booking cars or negotiating freight.

    To help organize the logistics for the end of the year, we have separated some important tips so that the customer does not run out of product or lack of goods in the distribution centers. Check out!

    plan ahead

    Understanding your process flow from industrialization, or purchase of goods to the final delivery of the product, determines how far in advance you have to act in each phase of this process.

    Understanding which partnerships need to be foreseen in advance is essential to avoid unforeseen events.

    prepare the stock

    Try to correctly size the necessary stock, given the increase in demand with end-of-year sales, but without ending up with product sitting idle. Analyzing information and trends is essential. Compare sales from previous years and see what the current year's growth rate is to provision your sales.

    Anticipate with your carrier the demand of the period

    Notifying your carrier of the growth in demand in the period makes it prioritize your transactions in the delivery planning.

    At this time of year, it is common for carriers to be “tight” to receive new collections and deliveries.

    Anticipating will only bring benefits to you and commitment on the part of the partner.

    Attention to the point of sale

    If you work with physical points of sale, redouble your attention. In times of high demand, it is recommended that the level of disruption be low. Put the product back on the shelves as soon as they are finished.

    Offer real lead time

    Don't promise impossible dates. Disappointing the customer is asking him not to buy more. Get a reliable logistics partner with real-time information you can trust.

    Offer differentiated service

    In the event of an unforeseen event regarding the goods or delivery, contact your end customer, inform them of the unforeseen event, establish direct communication and, depending on the case, consider offering a discount coupon or advantage that compensates for the inconvenience.

    We are all susceptible to problems, but your attitude towards them can make all the difference.

    look for improvements

    A well-planned logistics ensures competitive advantage. Take advantage of the experience to create more agile processes for the logistics operation in the heated market context. Analyzing each point of improvement and improvement is fundamental. In this sense, it is important to rely on technology and mitigate manual processes, such as spreadsheets and notebooks.

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    Meet Fadel

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