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  • Fadel participates in Fabet seminar


    At the end of June, as a conclusion of the Transport Safety Management Course, carried out by Fabet (Fundação Adolpho Bósio de Educação no Transporte), part of our security team held a seminar presentation. Check all the information!

    Transport Safety Management 

    The course aims to improve professionals to manage an effective Occupational Health and Safety system for cargo transport companies, designing, implementing, maintaining and improving management in accordance with the technical, legal and necessary guidelines for the business in its area. means of action, in traffic, the environment and communities.

    The course, created for Safety Engineers and Technicians, Transport Operation Managers and Supervisors, has 76 hours and covers content such as leadership, civil and criminal responsibilities, vehicle safety management, traffic accident management, human behavior, routine management between others.

    It is a very relevant content to improve efficiency, security and intelligence in the Brazilian transport operation, and we could not be left out.

    In this class, completed in June, there were 34 students representing 16 companies that invest in improving safety management. All participated in the various classes with the objective of improving and improving their knowledge in HSE (Safety, Health and Environment), in addition to valuable exchanges of experiences between professionals already with experience in the cargo transport sector.

    "Come here"

    The “Chega Junto” project, presented by students Ana Paula Moura, Cintia Matos, Guilherme Lopes, Juliano Mariano, Renan Carlos and Renan Henrique, showed the importance of a 100% connected fleet to guarantee the productivity of vehicles in operation, with a scale 100% electronic, in line with the shipper's schedule.

    The driver's activation complies with previously defined rules, guaranteeing the correct fulfillment of the workday (interval between one working day and another), DSR (Remunerated Weekly Rest), and with this, compliance with labor legislation with the correct rest time, thus preserving driver safety.

    How does it work?

    Daily, the schedule of orders received via e-mail is imported into the tracking system. Each order has origin information (location, driver and order priority).

    Once approved by the supervisor, the system automatically sends a notification in the app of the driver indicated for the trip informing the expected arrival of the vehicle at the base and destination of the trip (on average this alert is sent 2 hours in advance of the vehicle's arrival); so the driver can schedule his arrival at the base.

    With this information, the system “creates a grid” (List of Scheduled Orders) with the proper sequence of priority and also the arrival forecast of the next vehicles that are on the trip. It also informs drivers who are already released for the next trip.

    The system already suggests to the supervisor, vehicle, driver and next order, associates them in the system (according to previously defined premises). The supervisor then validates this association made by the system and, if necessary, can change it according to the needs of the branch.

    Necessary and relevant project. Congratulations to all the contributors involved!

    Fadel Transportes is proud of its employees and invests in constant training so that our team can serve our customers with quality and safety. Be part of our team, become a collaborator or an aggregate driver.

    Meet Fadel

    With a modern and safe fleet, Fadel Transportes is always prepared to offer ideal logistics solutions for each client.

    Fadel Transportes operates in several activities in the logistics chain, such as:

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