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  • First Mile: the fastest solution for your first leg


    What is first mile and what does it have to do with the logistics of transporting your product?

    Have you ever heard of this term in road freight transport?

    If you are an industry or a large distributor and you need to transport your products from your company to a distribution center (hub) and from there you will still have the separation and distribution to your customers, this article is for you!

    The division of cargo transport into stages aims to optimize transport in order to reduce delivery time and logistical costs.

    The objective is always to maintain agility and compliance with deadlines.

    Keep reading, we'll explain everything you need to know!

    Understand the stages of transport

    First Mile is the first stage of road freight transport. It normally corresponds to the transfer of the goods from the manufacturer to the distribution centers.

    The middle mile refers to the intermediate step, which takes into account the process between the first and last steps. For example, a warehouse that receives and sorts loads for smaller cars.

    Another important point, depending on the location and volume of products, these properties do not only serve as points of transition for goods, but, in some cases, as storage points, in a smaller volume, very close to the center of cities. In order to facilitate the journey to the end customer.

    The last mile is the last step, when the product reaches the consumer, the customer.

    Importance of the first mile

    First mile is the key point where you can add value both in distribution logistics and in the customer journey.

    When we consider a country of 8.516.000 km², we can understand the importance of this first stage for the efficiency of freight transport.

    This first stretch of transport guarantees the agility and cohesion of loads, normally this transport is linked to transfers of goods between regions.

    A company that is located in the southwest of Brazil, but serves all states, transports it to a distribution and storage center in another region (first mile) and from there separates it and sends it to the destination states for other distribution centers (Middle Mile), where the material is separated and distributed to recipient customers (Last Mile).

    Large companies that do not want to worry about the transfer of goods from their DC's, usually hire carriers for each segment, aiming to work with companies that directly serve the destination states, without having the intermediation of subcontracting freight for final distribution, guaranteeing the quality in each section.

    Any disruption to the First Mile can lead to delays in delivery, damage or loss of products and merchandise, and affect the customer experience.

    Ensuring fast loading helps to reduce costs and increase resource optimization.

    Differentials of Fadel Transportes e Logística

    For 21 years, Fadel has perfected itself in various activities in the logistics chain.

    With a modern and safe fleet, Fadel Transportes is always prepared to carry out not only the transport of products and supplies on a large scale, but also to offer logistical solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer, such as real-time monitoring and visibility, storage management and investments in driver training and qualification.

    Fadel Transportes operates in several activities in the logistics chain, such as:

    • Transfer of products between factories and distribution centers;
    • Matched operations that involve more than one customer in the transfer of their products;
    • Internal movement of goods that involve loading and unloading trucks;
    • Assembly of loads;
    • Urban distribution.

    Fadel Transportes is the best choice to carry out road transport for your company.Contact Us and know all the conditions and benefits.