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    We're back!

    We are pleased to announce three more openings in the Northeast, in the regions of Bahia, Paraíba and Pernambuco. Fadel Transportes starts this new activity with great strength and determination. Altogether, 11 cities will be served, generating direct and indirect job opportunities.

    The focus of these units will be Last Mile transport, urban distribution, which consists of transporting cargo from the distributor to the end customer.

    This expansion to the northeast of the country is a reflection of the level of service and development in continuous processes and quality with a successful partnership with our client.

    Fadel began its journey in the northeast of Brazil, more specifically, in Paraíba, in the development of an outsourcing project for the urban distribution of drinks for a client, called Projeto Forró. The work served as a reference for implementation in other regions, such was the success of the project.

    Returning to the region after exactly 20 years of history, now as a reference in the transport market in Brazil and consolidating itself abroad, is a great achievement for all of us and we are sure that many more are yet to come.