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  • Integrated logistics: what it is and what are its advantages


    Integrated logistics is a strategy to reduce costs, obtain greater control over activities, optimize processes and increase productivity.

    By applying the concept of integrated logistics in the business, it is possible to achieve greater competitive advantage in the market, in addition to profiting much more.

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    Integrated Logistics Concept

    The concept of logistics arose during wars, when soldiers had to plan the distribution of weapons, food, clothing and other items.

    Later, the concept of logistics was incorporated into business administration in order to improve the management of the flow of inputs and products.

    Inbound and Outbound Logistics

    However, at that time, logistics was divided into two stages: inbound logistics and outbound logistics.

    Inbound logistics is related to the planning and execution of activities related to the input of inputs.

    Therefore, it is the step that involves from choosing suppliers to packaging raw materials in stocks.

    On the other hand, outbound logistics concerns the planning and execution of activities related to the exit of finished products from the company.

    Thus, it is the step that involves the packaging of the finished products and freight transport even the end customers.

    By applying the concept of logistics to companies, logistical processes were optimized.

    Inbound and outbound integration

    However, it was possible to further improve the logistical activities.

    This would be possible through the integration of inbound and outbound logistics.

    In this sense, the planning and execution of logistical activities started to consider these two stages in an interconnected way.

    Main advantages of integrated logistics

    One of the main advantages of applying the logistics management integrated is cost reduction.

    For example, by identifying the market demand for a given product, it is possible to more efficiently manage the purchase of inputs.

    Thus, managers can act from more accurate data, reducing costs with the purchase of more inputs than necessary, for example.

    Furthermore, when performing a more efficient management of raw materials and products, it is avoided that these materials expire.

    It is also worth noting that inventories generate costs.

    In this sense, by managing logistical activities in an integrated manner, it is possible to reduce expenses with the accommodation of inputs and products.

    This is because the company's demand for raw materials will take into account the market's demand for its products.

    In addition to contributing to cost reduction, integrated logistics provides managers with greater control over activities.

    It is also important to emphasize that, by providing more agility to logistical processes, productivity in the company can be increased.

    Consequently, this will result in greater competitive advantage and business profitability.

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