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  • What are the advantages that road freight transport provides?


    The logistics sector focused on cargo transportation affects large companies, since, if done correctly, it helps in all processes.

    Through adequate structuring and the implementation of technology and innovation in cargo transportation, the company guarantees greater recognition.

    One of the most used cargo transport in Brazil for moving products or people is road transport.

    According to the Executive Report of the National Logistics Plan 2025 carried out by the government, on average 65% of transport is carried out by land.

    Due to this fact, road transport directly influences the country's economic sector and costs approximately 6% of the national GDP.

    This information came from the National Transport Confederation (CNT), which also made comparisons with other types of cargo transport.

    While road transport represents almost 6% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), air transport is equivalent to 5,8%, and rail transport, 5,4%.

    Check out the advantages of the most used transport in Brazil for both consumers and companies!

    easy replacement

    If the vehicle transporting the load has a problem along the way, its replacement is easier to do.

    fluid operation

    Road freight transport has no restrictions regarding time and date, therefore, deliveries can be made at any time of the day.

    The company and the driver will define the time and location of deliveries according to the customer's needs.

    damage reduction

    With logistics processes carried out properly, the chances of damage to both the cargo and the vehicle are minimal.

    Convenience for the customer

    As it is a transport that forwards cargo directly to the end consumer, the customer has the convenience of choosing to receive the product wherever they prefer.

    Another interesting point about the delivery of goods is the fact that transport is often sent at the best time for the customer.

    The transport goes to the cargo

    Unlike other cargo transport models, road transport picks up and delivers the goods at the starting and ending points.


    Road transport accesses different locations easily and, if a road is closed, the route can be changed and the delivery will be completed.

    packaging and cost

    When the cargo disposal process is carried out correctly, the chances of damage to merchandise reduces, as we have seen.

    Because of this organization, there is no need to pay for more packaging, as the correct organization means that the merchandise travels intact.

    Dedicated shipping

    Road transport can be sent privately to the customer, speeding up the sending of cargo that needs to be delivered urgently.

    This case, therefore, is a personalized and exclusive service, providing faster transportation and security for the merchandise.

    Now that you know the advantages of road transport, to find out more about cargo transport, contact us at Fadel!