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    Self Service

    Self Service

    We have a tailor-made solution for each client

    Our expertise in distribution to large shopping centers is directly related to our ability to strictly meet the deadlines established for product delivery. We respond quickly to the urgent demands of our customers, thanks to detailed planning that allows us to not only meet, but often exceed expectations regarding established delivery times.
    Modern and safe fleet
    Modern and safe fleet

    We have a fleet of modern and safe vehicles. This is important to ensure goods are transported efficiently and safely.

    Personalized service
    Qualified team

    We are focused on meeting the specific needs of each client. This is important as different companies have varying transportation requirements.

    Load Optimization
    Logistics planning

    Committed to improving productivity in our customers’ supply chains. This may involve optimizing logistics processes, efficient delivery times and reducing costs.

    Responsibility and security
    Efficiency and reliability

    We emphasize the importance of responsibility and safety in your operations. This is crucial to ensuring that goods are transported ethically and safely.

    Innovation and technology in transport and logistics
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    Innovation and technology
    in transport and logistics

    50 branches in Brazil

    50 branches in Brazil

    5 units in Paraguay

    5 units in Paraguay

    Units in South Africa and Ghana

    9 Units in South Africa

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