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  • Advantages of being an autonomous transporter of Fadel Transportes


    For drivers who want financial independence and freedom to provide services, a great option is to become an autonomous cargo carrier.

    An autonomous carrier, or freight forwarder, makes deliveries without having an employment relationship with any company, which makes him responsible for his own services.

    Despite having greater flexibility and choosing the trips he wants to carry out, the freight forwarder needs to be aware of the costs that are embedded in the contracts and the suitability of the company with whom he is negotiating the freight.

    Here, at Fadel Transportes, self-employed drivers enter as partners, being able to work with single trips or having exclusive freight, for that, they receive adequate training before taking the road, ensuring greater safety for the driver and the customer!

    Learn, in this publication, the advantages of becoming an autonomous cargo carrier in large companies, such as Fadel Transportes.

    5 Advantages of Being an Autonomous Carrier

    There are several advantages to becoming a freight forwarder. Discover 5 of them:

    1. Profit can be planned and only accepted when it agrees with your perspective;

    2. Working hours are flexible;

    3. It is possible to provide services on holidays, night shifts, etc.;

    4. Due to autonomy, there is the possibility of increasing time off and vacation;

    5. Contracts can be negotiated in a way that benefits both parties.

    How to become a Freight Forwarder?

    To become an autonomous haulier, you need to understand entrepreneurship and know how to manage your own business.

    In addition, some requirements are necessary to be able to enter this branch and having the National Driver's License (CNH) up to date is an example.

    According to Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB), for the driver to drive a truck and become an autonomous haulier, he must have a C or E license.

    Category C is a CNH that enables driving single-body trucks, while E is for articulated vehicles that have a mechanical horse.

    Before securing your license to drive large vehicles, such as trucks, it is necessary to carry out toxicological tests.

    Another requirement to become a self-employed professional is to have your own vehicle. Therefore, the carrier must ensure a qualified truck.

    After fulfilling the two aforementioned requirements, the driver must receive, from the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), his National Registry of Road Cargo Carriers (RNTRC).

    The RNTRC is mandatory for all Transport and autonomous carriers.

    Why become an autonomous transporter of Fadel Transportes?

    Fadel Freighters receive adequate training according to the load and the route they will work on. We provide training with qualified instructors, ensuring greater safety for the driver and the customer.

    We provide logistics solutions with innovation and technology, ensuring efficiency in improving processes, managing people and other differentials.

    All our actions are implemented based on well-structured quality policies and thinking about health, safety and the environment.

    As a result, Fadel Transportes was, for the sixth consecutive year, awarded as one of the best companies to work for in Brazil, by the Great Place To Work (GPTW).

    GPTW is a global consultancy that annually evaluates and awards the best companies to work for.

    In addition to the award, we were certified with excellence in Paraguay, due to the safety and quality provided in our work environment.

    Therefore, we are a company that performs logistical actions that provide the market with great differentials and efficiency to provide services.

    If you want to know more about the company, browse our website or contact to become an autonomous transporter of Fadel Transportes.