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  • 3 Factors that contribute to efficient distribution logistics


    Distribution logistics are essential for a good transport and delivery service.

    With planning, it is possible to offer an affordable price, shorter term and more security in delivery.

    Keep reading to better understand distribution logistics and learn about 3 factors that make it efficient!

    What is distribution logistics and how does it work?

    Distribution logistics is the part that is closest to the customer, as it is responsible for the final delivery.

    The search for efficiency and the strategies used to obtain good results with fewer resources are the goal of logistics.

    As it is the closest to the customer, distribution logistics is very important, as good logistics can be decisive in the customer's opinion of the company.

    All activities involving the management of goods, from the moment they leave the factory until delivery, are part of distribution logistics.

    In between this path, there are several decisions to be made about storage, sales, transportation and expenses.

    3 factors that make efficient distribution logistics

    1. Invest in management systems

    A management system is designed and developed especially to facilitate logistics.

    There's no point in keeping notes on paper and faulty calculations if you can get software that solves problems for you.

    The system gathers various information and monitors the entire transport process, being able to automate several stages.

    2. Plan your stock

    Distribution needs planning, but not only.

    Inventory is also important, not least because we don't want to run out of goods.

    Investing in warehouse rentals and large inventories can have a very high and unnecessary cost.

    Just as keeping too little stock can cause problems and delay orders.

    Therefore, it is necessary to study the stock, to define the goods that cannot be missing and also those that sell little.

    An overloaded and dead stock is a waste, because, in addition to the cost of the stock itself, it could be being better used.

    In addition to demand, it is necessary to analyze whether the stock is adequate for the goods and if they are not at risk of damage.

    Always checking the validity of the products is also essential.

    3. Take advantage of technological resources

    Technology exists to help you and your business.

    In addition to investment in management systems being very important, technology can bring you closer to your customers.

    This provides a range of possibilities that did not exist a few years ago.

    You can do research, learn about consumption habits, and, of course, improve your relationship with them.

    Importance of effective distribution logistics

    When the reality of the supplier and the customer is known, it is possible to create strategies that make the process more efficient.

    With distribution logistics, it is possible to analyze whether the merchandise is sufficient, whether it will fill up warehouses, find out about the best routes, etc.

    Thus, all steps will be aligned for the customer to be satisfied with the goods in hand on the agreed day.

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