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  • 7 tips to improve product distribution


    Did your sales grow, the number of customers served increased and your goal was to expand your distribution to other regions? Now you need to improve the distribution of your products?

    Check out our 7 tips to expand and optimize your distribution!

    In order to obtain an efficient distribution of goods, it is necessary to verify some information and processes that facilitate this strategy.

    Tips for a quality distribution

    1. Efficient delivery management

    With efficient delivery management, it is possible to analyze deadlines and check the number of people in the team and adapt processes.

    Having a good fit of cars to meet specific customer needs, and tailoring the size of the fleet to achieve a good optimization between capacity and delivery efficiency.

    Count on real-time monitoring of vehicles and study of solutions to reduce costs and increase fleet productivity.

    It is necessary to apply an efficient organizational system in the company, so that the distribution of goods is done correctly.

    2. KPIs

    An important point that is essential to obtain an effective distribution of products is the process of process evaluation.

    O Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a great method to evaluate the performance and performance of each sector of the company.

    The process indicators serve to provide indications if the goals proposed by the Management are being met, if the delivery and performance quality indices are within an ideal standard and where there are points for improvement.

    Each department of the logistics sector establishes the best indicators to be implemented in its area and the monitoring period, and may have daily, weekly, monthly and annual indicators.

    Customer reviews are also part of data analysis to ensure process improvements.

    Based on KPIs, it is possible to analyze the quality of each service, through data that present, what is good and what should be improved.

    There are specific KPIs for logistics, such as the On Time In Full (OTIF), which covers a monitoring of deliveries according to the deadline.

    In addition to the time and date of delivery, with OTIF it is possible to analyze the quality of the delivery and verify that the goods are being delivered accordingly.

    3. Integration of areas

    With the integration of areas, it is possible to obtain more information about the processes and, consequently, improvements in the distribution of products.

    Integrated logistics manages to make management more strategic through tools that optimize this process.

    4. Itineraries and delivery maps

    As part of good efficient planning, routing deliveries and monitoring is essential for good delivery performance.

    A Services with roadmap and maps can expand processes, reduce route errors and reduce unnecessary costs.

    5. Intelligent inventory management

    Through intelligent inventory management, it is possible to ensure that the appropriate amount of products is stocked, without causing excess or shortage.

    In addition to the quantity definition, it is possible to define the way it should be stored, the purchase period and the stock location.

    With smart management, other issues are checked:

    • Reduced supply of inputs for products;
    • Product quality;
    • Adequate product availability, without exceeding or lacking;
    • Ability to predict the amount of demand.

    6. Partnerships

    With well-placed and reliable suppliers, it is possible to improve product distribution.

    It is therefore necessary to strengthen the partnership with suppliers that have quality in their services.

    Creating closeness with the partner, conducting negotiations in person, being transparent and having a professional positioning is essential.

    7. Outsource processes

    A great solution to reduce costs and establish more professional actions in some sectors is the outsourcing of processes.

    With outsourced companies, it is possible to obtain professional and strategic services, increasing productivity and simplifying processes.

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