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  • How road safety can save lives


    Traffic safety can save lives and, therefore, should always be prioritized. In 2021 alone, there were 878.208 traffic accidents, according to the National Register of Accidents and Traffic Statistics (RENAEST).

    The United Nations (UN) defined the years 2021 to 2030 as the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety, with the goal of reducing 50% of injuries and deaths on the road. Shall we support the initiative and help make traffic safer? Check out our tips!

    Always wear a seat belt

    Even today, some people do not use it when they are going to walk a few blocks. Don't do that! Always wear a seat belt.

    Although it does not necessarily prevent the accident, it helps to reduce its consequences, including avoiding the death of passengers and drivers.

    If driving, do not drink

    It seems kind of obvious in the XNUMXst century, but one of the main causes of accidents is drunkenness.

    Alcoholic drink reduces the reflex and can endanger not only the driver who has been drinking, but also people in other vehicles and pedestrians around them.

    Don't drive sleepy

    In addition to drunkenness, sleep is on the list of the main causes of accidents. Often, the driver is so tired that he falls asleep at the wheel and loses control of the vehicle.

    For this reason, when driving a car, you need to be rested. In this sense, it is very important to comply with the truck driver working hours law to ensure the safety of the driver, the vehicle and the company.

    Keep an adequate distance from the vehicle in front

    Keeping the proper distance from the vehicle in front is also a great tip to prevent accidents and bring more safety in traffic.

    Don't use your cell phone while driving

    The cell phone is currently one of the biggest driver distractions and causes of accidents.

    Did a message or notification arrive? Wait for the right moment to use your cell phone. Checking your messages and, even worse, replying to them, in addition to charging a fine and adding points to your wallet, puts your life, and that of the people around you, at risk.

    Making calls and listening to audio is also dangerous for traffic safety, as the driver loses auditory focus and may fail to hear a horn or other warning sound.

    Beware of Pedestrians

    It is always worth remembering that pedestrians have priority to complete the crossing, even if the traffic light allows the passage of cars. It is also his preference in places where there is a lane without a light signal.

    If you are the pedestrian, always cross in the lane and always look both ways. When she is not available, look for other safe places to cross.

    Watch out for cyclists

    Motorized drivers need to be careful with cyclists, keeping a minimum distance of 1,5m from the bicycle, in addition to not riding in the cycle lane and respecting traffic rules.

    If you are a cyclist, wear a helmet and light the bike with flashing lights, white at the front and red at the back, like on cars. Don't ride the wrong way, as pedestrians and drivers often look the way cars are coming from.

    Beware of motorcyclists

    Those who are in a car must always be careful to use the arrow and look in the rearview mirror before making any maneuvers, in addition to paying attention to blind spots. This avoids accidents and headaches.

    If you are a motorcyclist, always wear a helmet and follow the same traffic laws as other vehicles, always staying visible, avoiding blind spots and keeping your headlights on day and night.

    Security at Fadel

    Here at Fadel we take traffic safety very seriously.

    We have our own policy for training and training drivers and associates, which prioritizes safety.

    Safety is a commitment of our company and everyone's responsibility.

    Fadel Transport Solutions

    Fadel Transportes has several solutions with technology implementation to improve service, such as:

    • Internal logistics and shipping, with integrated processes and quality equipment with a specialized service in cross docking e picking;
    • Autonomous Cargo Transport (TAC), which guarantees training based on the management of autonomous transporters;
    • Control Tower, which provides a fleet monitoring and tracking service to enhance security and improve logistical planning.

    With a modern and safe fleet, Fadel is always prepared to transport products and supplies on a large scale, meeting the specific needs of each customer. We are committed to delivering high productivity in the supply chain, always aiming for responsibility and safety.

    Our fleet of road transport vehicles undergo regular inspections and our teams are monitored using on-board journey and fatigue control technology. To learn more about our solutions, browse our website ou contact us!