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  • How to achieve excellent urban distribution


    Does your company need a good urban distribution? Be sure to read this text!

    Adequate urban distribution of products presupposes good logistical planning and process efficiency.

    See what an urban distribution of excellent products looks like and why Fadel Transportes stands out in this sector!

    What is urban distribution?

    The urban distribution of products, as the name implies, is the delivery of consumer goods, waste, correspondence, etc. in urban centers.

    This activity has a large-scale flow of distribution, in addition to uniting activities such as loading, unloading, conditioning and storage.

    Why is efficient planning essential?

    As urban distribution directly affects not only retailers, transporters, but also stakeholders, including those responsible for managing cities, efficient planning is required for delivery.

    So that it does not become a problem, distribution needs an effective structuring of the operational sector to be able to meet demand from an adequate fleet, in the shortest possible time, in the most efficient way.

    Good route planning is essential to shorten delivery times, reduce costs and increase transport efficiency.

    In addition, knowledge of vehicle restriction regulations, urban tolls and traffic moderation in different cities is required, as well as regulations that determine where loading and unloading must take place.

    It is therefore necessary for the company to seek solutions to all restrictions and correctly follow the proposed regulations.

    How is it possible to make good planning?

    In order to maintain good planning, it is necessary to improve urban logistics so as not to harm business activities.

    Improving logistics involves innovation and the use of new technologies, such as low-emission, more economical and well-adapted vehicles.

    Another way to improve planning is through logistics with collaborative solutions and delivery points for e-commerces.

    A direct distribution center (CDD) with a good location also helps to make distribution faster and in less time.

    Why does Fadel Transportes stand out in this market?

    Fadel Transportes has fleets with a specific and personalized profile for each service area according to each client.

    Its fleet has monitoring and tracking to ensure the safety of drivers and goods 24 hours a day. From this monitoring and tracking, it is possible to obtain more information about routes, reducing costs and delivery time.

    With this, it is possible to increase productivity and provide consumers with more confidence in the work performed.

    Fadel Transport Solutions

    Fadel Transportes has several solutions with technology implementation to improve service, such as:

    • Internal logistics and shipping, with integrated processes and quality equipment with a specialized service in cross docking e picking;
    • Autonomous Cargo Transport (TAC), which guarantees training based on the management of autonomous transporters;
    • Control Tower, which provides a fleet monitoring and tracking service to enhance security and improve logistical planning.

    With a modern and safe fleet, Fadel is always prepared to transport products and supplies on a large scale, meeting the specific needs of each customer. We are committed to delivering high productivity in the supply chain, always aiming for responsibility and safety.

    Our fleet of road transport vehicles undergoes regular inspections and our teams are monitored through on-board journey and fatigue control technology.

    To learn more about our solutions, browse our website ou contact us!