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  • Another achievement: we are GPTW Latin America


    The GPTW seal is one of the largest and most significant recognitions of the best companies to work for in the world. The Great Place to Work consultancy supports participating organizations to obtain better results through research and employee engagement.

    Operating since the 80s, the consultancy emerged after North American journalist Robert Levering conducted a satisfaction survey with thousands of employees in hundreds of companies across the country. Robert was surprised by the enthusiasm of some interviewees and decided to open a small office, called Great Place to Work, to delve into the topic.

    The GPTW Latin America recognition is so significant because it is not the company that applies to compete, as it happens with the national or regional GPTW seal. The Latin America seal is the result of an in-depth assessment of the consultancy in crucial aspects for a healthy environment and organizational structure, of all certified companies nationwide, and certifies the best companies to work for in the continent.

    For four consecutive years, Fadel Transportes do Brasil has been recognized by GPTW and certified with the seal of Best Companies to Work for. Since the beginning of operations, the company has been certified in Paraguay, being awarded in the country as one of the best companies to work for in 2020, and now, representing Fadel Transportes on the continent.

    It is with great satisfaction that Fadel Transportes announces recognition with the GPTW Latin America seal. This seal is synonymous with evolution, and represents the constant search to maintain a safe work environment, acting with care and respect for its employees.

    Congratulations to all employees who are part of this recognition.

    #pride of serfadel