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  • Why hire a carrier with fleet monitoring and tracking?


    When a company needs more efficiency in its logistics sector to leverage the business, it is necessary to introduce new technologies. Based on effective organizational planning and the implementation of new solutions, it is possible to reduce costs and increase productivity. One of the solutions is to hire a transport company which has fleet monitoring and tracking.

    What is fleet monitoring and tracking?

    To understand the need to hire a carrier with monitoring and tracking, you must first understand exactly what you are hiring.

    Real Time

    Fleet or vehicle monitoring is intended to monitor the route being carried out by drivers. With this technology, it is possible to know if there were changes of route during the route and if there were unforeseen events to deliver goods.

    From this information, there are more chances to calculate the expected time for delivery and reduce the possibilities of delay.

    Another advantage of monitoring is the possibility of obtaining greater control over the drivers' working hours, which makes it easier to recognize the need for rest or even calculate the payment.

    In addition, it provides customers with more security by knowing that there is a real-time tracking of the route.

    Fleet monitoring occurs through the use of data from a Global Positioning System (GPS) from a satellite transmission.


    Tracking is a system that provides more detailed information, recording and analyzing occurrences along the way.

    From there, it is possible to record the location, the time of stops that have occurred and even which points are with congestion.

    The system also analyzes the possibility of mechanical vehicle problems and identifies which types of vehicles should travel on specific lanes.

    With this system, it is possible to obtain data all the way to reduce the chances of future problems, reducing time and costs.

    Tracking ensures that the vehicle or fleet is being watched 24 hours a day and at any time, reducing chances of lost or stolen cargo.

    In some cases, the logistics sector already considers a loss due to claims in its annual budget, cargo tracking allows this risk to be mitigated, because at any route deviation or stop that is not detailed in the trip, the system issues an alert, the car can be locked.

    7 reasons to hire a carrier with fleet monitoring

    With fleet monitoring and tracking, there are several advantages that a company can guarantee, such as:

    • Reduction of costs;
    • Guarantee of real-time monitoring;
    • More safety for drivers and goods;
    • Definition of best strategies for a logistics operation;
    • Transmission more security for customers and trust;
    • Increased productivity;
    • More profit.

    How to choose the carrier?

    To find the right carrier, you need to check its reputation in the market niche in which it operates and look for references.

    The conditions of the carrier's fleet must be analyzed, taking into account the conservation of vehicles, maintenance and whether they are new cars.

    It is important to emphasize the need to use new technologies to improve the logistics process of the business.

    The carrier's employees must also be up to date with training and well prepared to perform their duties.

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