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  • What are the advantages of real-time logistics management?


    Logistic management consists of managing the entire process that makes it possible to produce and make a product available to the end customer.

    Real-time logistics management consists of adding technologies capable of integrating all this information in real time to this process.

    It is worth mentioning that, although technologies enable more efficient processes, it is not enough to just adopt them for this to happen.

    Therefore, it is necessary to have a good management of logistical processes to ensure that the investment in technology is worthwhile.

    This is because one process complements the other. In other words, there is no point in having a system in real time if there is no prior planning.

    Likewise, there is no point in planning all processes if there is no infrastructure to optimize them.

    In this way, see in more detail what are the advantages of this modality. Good reading!

    The main advantages of real-time logistics management

    1. Accuracy of information

    One of the main advantages is to obtain more accurate information about the performance of supply chain processes.

    In this sense, it is possible to obtain more accurately the forecast and the delivery status of the cargo.

    In addition, the system allows administrators to monitor the stop times for rest and feeding the driver.

    It is also possible to check the realization of overtime, unscheduled stops and deviations of routes more accurately.

    2. Reduction of costs

    The cost reduction occurs mainly for two reasons:

    The first is the routing of deliveries, which allows the best route in real time to be plotted.

    This ensures that the best roads are chosen, providing less damage to means of transport and less traffic.

    In addition, routing also allows the fastest and most economical routes to be selected.

    The second reason is the ease of solving problems related to the return in real time.

    The system also performs an assessment and recognizes the reasons that led to the return, which guarantees the improvement of future deliveries.

    In this way, the management of logistical processes can improve the company's processes, which ends up profiting from greater customer satisfaction.

    3. Optimization of delivery time

    In addition to ensuring cost reduction, real-time logistics management provides the opportunity to optimize the delivery time of goods and raw materials.

    This is because of real-time routing and the assistance that such a technological resource guarantees for the best planning of the logistical process.

    4. More transparency, control and security

    This modality also allows for more transparency in information, control and security in transport.

    This benefits both the company and the customers.

    5. Customer satisfaction

    Finally, it is worth noting that all these advantages provided by this management guarantee greater customer satisfaction.

    They can track delivery status in real time and receive their orders on time - or even before.

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