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  • What is the importance of cubage in logistics?


    Cubing is essential for choosing the transport vehicle for a given load, for optimizing the space available in that vehicle and for calculating freight – which is crucial for more efficient logistics.

    Check out in today's text all the information about cubage and its importance for logistics.

    What is cubage?

    Cargo cubage can be defined as the ratio between the weight of a commodity or a product and the space it will occupy inside a vehicle. It is the result of a mathematical calculation that uses the cubing factor.

    cubage factor

    The cubing factor is a constant number — defined according to what is considered ideal for a load — and is equivalent to a cubic meter inside the vehicle used for transport.

    Each modal has a different cubage factor, given the difference in the load capacity of each means:

    road: 1m³ =300kg

    aerial: 1m³ = 166,7kg

    marine: 1m³ = 1.000kg

    Cubing Functions

    The objective of calculating the cubage is to better plan the loading process, considering two essential points:

    • avoid wasting the vehicle's load capacity when closing a very bulky but low-weight load;
    • avoid having many small but very heavy packages: which wastes space inside the vehicle (due to the weight limit);
    • decide which type of vehicle is best suited for each type of load.

    What is the importance of cubage in logistics?

    By allowing an adequate choice of vehicle and analysis of load capacity, cubage calculation is essential to consolidate all shipments in the most efficient way possible, balancing gross weight, volume and physical space.

    In addition, cubage is important for calculating freight.

    By balancing load and weight, the cubage calculation avoids inappropriate charges.

    Mainly due to the issues of weight and space occupied inside the vehicle, already mentioned above, considering only the linear dimensions of the package or only the gross weight could make the freight charge inappropriate.

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