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  • Road freight transport: the most used among Brazilian companies


    Did you know that, in Brazil, road transport is responsible for more than 58% of all cargo transported in the country?

    The road network is used to transport 76% of the country's production, according to research Logistics Costs in Brazil, from Fundação Dom Cabral. In second place is maritime transport (9,2%), followed by air (5,8%) and rail (5,4%).

    Know some of the reasons for the preference for road transport:

    1. Costs

    Road freight, even with tolls and high fuel prices, has a more attractive cost compared to other modes.

    Maintenance costs are also lower than for air or rail transport.

    1. Scope

    Only road transport can reach many regions of the country. The rail network has a short range, which makes operations more complicated.

    Airports also take the goods only up to a certain point on the route. For this reason, companies end up opting for full coverage with road transport, which turns out to be a cheaper, easier and faster option (adjusting schedules when using different modes is complex and can delay delivery).

    It is important to note that Brazil has many highways that connect all regions of the country. There are 1,8 million kilometers of highways in all. No other modal has this reach in our country today.

    1. speed of release

    Even in cases where air freight could be more advantageous, the slowness in the release and dispatch of goods ends up making road transport an interesting option.

    1. Flexibility

    Road transport can distribute a huge diversity of loads in different types of vehicles: bulk, fragile, valuable, refrigerated, dangerous, live, large loads and many other types of industrial loads and consumer goods to supply the entire country. .

    1. cargo handling

    Road transport, compared to other types of transport, moves the load less, which reduces the risk of loss.

    To supply the different situations of cargo transport, there are also different types of vehicles to suit each of these situations.

    It is important to make the right choice between the load vehicle options, as it avoids overloading or wasting the truck's capacity, and with that, it avoids having a greater investment than necessary.

    How to choose the best road transport for your company

    There are a few factors you should consider before hiring a transport and logistics company:

    – industry experience (the length of experience and the reputation of a company must be considered to avoid unwanted “surprises”);

    – type of vehicle (it is necessary to check which model is suitable for the route and load);

    – driver safety (find out what the driver's work and hiring policy is like);

    – trace (check for real time management and how the vehicle is tracked);

    With some care, you can avoid logistical bottlenecks and dribble adversity such as the poor condition of some roads.

    The perspective is that, with technological advances, the improvement of fleets will make road transport grow even more. The further we move into the future, the greater the automation in this environment, further optimizing processes, producing more advanced controls and generating better and faster information.

    Count on Fadel Transportes e Logística

    Fadel Transportes operates in several activities in the logistics chain, such as:

    • Transfer of products between factories and distribution centers;
    • Matched operations that involve more than one customer in the transfer of their products;
    • Internal movement of goods that involve loading and unloading trucks;
    • Assembly of loads;
    • Urban distribution.

    In this sense, Fadel Transportes can be an excellent choice to carry out road transport for your company.

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