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    In the year 2021 Fadel participated in another edition of SuperLog, an event of our client Ambev that recognizes points of Continuous Improvement and rewards the best in service level, in this event there are two pillars of awards, GeMovl and GeTrans.

    The GeMovl award - Guide to Excellence in Internal Movement - is an important award that recognizes the evolution of logistics operators. With our São José dos Campos subsidiary, we won the second place in the general classification by unit, and the first place in the classification by logistics operators at company level, being the best of our customer Ambev.

    While at the GeTrans award - Guide to Excellence in Transport - we are among the best in transportation, ranking 2nd in the classification, maintaining us as a synonym at all levels of service.

    In 2020, we achieved with our subsidiary the best level of service to Ambev's breweries as' Best Logistics Operation of T1 ”, having the opportunity to start another Push operation, being CDR Sete Lagoas, already with more than 165 employees and a fleet of 35 sets.

    We felt a lot of emotion in sharing this achievement with our collaborators and partners.

    #pride of serfadel